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Monday, December 24, 2012

Heinz Rühmann

Heinz Rühmann lived a long life and had a wonderful career. I saw some movies starring him, I was a teenager, and I enjoyed them a lot. I wonder how they would seem to me now, after so many years, still I remember them with pleasure. There are some on youTube and I will come back here with some impressions.

For now just a few glimpses: a small video I found right now, Heinz Rühmann is singing Ich brech' die Herzen der stolzesten Frau'n (which means something like I Break The Hardest Women's Hearts) while the video shows photos and posters from movies he played in during the thirties. The song is from Fünf Millionen suchen einen Erben, which was released in 1938. The movies I have seen were later works, from the end of the fifties or so, when Rühmann was rather old, here in this video he appears in his young years.

Berlin sings: Heinz Rühmann
(video by 240252)

Ich brech' die Herzen der stolzesten Frau'n
weil ich so stürmisch und so leidenschaftlich bin
mir braucht nur eine ins Auge zu schau'n
und schon isse hin

Ich hab' bei Frauen so schrecklich viel Glück
das ist kein Wunder
denn mein Sternbild ist der Stier
mein Blut ist Lava, und das ist mein Trick
das liebt man an mir

Ich lach' sie an und sage schlau
sie sind die richtige, gnädige Frau
komm' ich in Glut
dann ist mir jede so gut

(German and Nordic Cinema)



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