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Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Doomed Golden Couple: Zelda and Scott

(Southern Literary Trail)
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Says Nick Wallace-Smith, who didn't read Scott Fitzgerald's A Diamond as Big as the Ritz or The Great Gatsby at university; and not for any Eng. Lit. course but for the sheer Jazz Age excess expressed in the stories; and of course for the delicious writing - like crème brûlée; curiously though, and when I think back, I had no strong mental image of either the writer or his wife; so I started to look at what photographs there were around and was stunned to find so much film footage of them existed; so I've gathered up what I could find:
[1] Zelda as a young woman and walking about rather saucily and hip-swinging in a garden.
[2] Zelda a little older and playing gaily about in a street.
[3] the couple with daughter Frances and in a garden.
[4] on the Riviera in 1924.
[5] And in a cafe.
[6] Finally, F Scott Fitzgerald working on The Great Gatsby.

rare footage of the Fitzgeralds from the 1920s
(video by Nick Wallace-Smith)

(The Fitzgeralds)



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