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Monday, June 03, 2013

Afiş+ works by Ioan Cuciurca

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The works of Ioan Cuciurca (Afiş+ at Simeza Gallery in Bucharest) call in mind the Constructivists, or maybe rather the ABECEDA of Devětsil: like the Prague artists of the 1920's, Cuciurca thinks that when the world is upside down and nobody can differentiate truth from lie anymore, it is time to redesign the basics, starting with the alphabet. And actually looking at his works, and thinking again at the Devětsil group of eighty years ago, I realize that those guys were forerunners of today's Postmodernism. Cuciurca is a Postmodernist, and his works break the space in non-contiguous slices: giving up the claim to define the general space, and instead finding the truth in slices of life. Think at the movies of Wong Kar-Wai and Chris Doyle - like there the language of the artist is very sophisticated, and of exquisite beauty. There is also another thing: Ioan Cuciurca is a Romanian artist loving the history and the culture of his country, and this exhibition is also a Postmodern proof of love for the Romanian ethos, a lesson on the values of these places. You find here in glimpses of life the universe of Aman and Brancusi, of Marthe Bibesco and Szathmari, of Marcel Janco, of churches and palaces from these places, and, above all, Bucharest, the city of eternal changes, toward the better and the worse.

(Ioan Cuciurca)



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