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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham
photo: Barbara Zanon/Getty Images
(The Guardian)
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He lives in a world where Virginia Woolf and Walt Whitman are present and their books unfold surprising destinies through their heroes and readers altogether. An unexpected image of eternity, caught in a myriad of glimpses of time and space, completely distant and different each other, each one ultimately revealing the forever, specimen days and specimen hours. Decades pass and then centuries, everything changes, Miss D. is passing through all this, forever evolving, forever the same.

And the Old Bard tuning his lyre:

Fear not, o Muse! truly new ways and days receive, surround you,
And yet... the same within, without...
The same old love, beauty...

(A Life in Books)

(Walt Whitman)

(Virginia Woolf (and Edward Albee))

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