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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Khurshid Banu Natavan

Khurshid Banu Natavan
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one of the best Azerbaijani poets, wrote her poems in Persian or Azerbaijani, most notable for her ghazals; her name Khurshid Banu (خورشیدبانو) is from Persian and means Lady Sun; her nom de plume Natavan (ناتوان) is also from Persian and means Powerless (wiki)

stories still circulate about how captivating a person she was, both in appearance and intellect; Alexandre Dumas-Père allegedly declared his love for her over a game of chess, that she won (Baku Diary)

I looked today for her poems, that's what I found so far:

Parted with you,
I burn night and day,
Like a thoughtless moth
In a candle flame.
Like a rose,
You were destined to fade and die:
Like a nightingale
mourning its rose, sing I.
My heart, that once soared
In a heaven of love,
Broke its wings and was dashed
To the earth from above.
Through my tears
Your image I always see,
You dried up so soon,
O, my cypress-tree!

It's an elegy for her lost son, Abbas.

(Iranian Film and Poetry)

(Жизнь в Kнигах)



  • A beautiful energy of sorrow

    R Campbell

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