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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

El Encuentro de Los Novelistas

Mutis y Gabo
(Algarabía - Memorios de Otros)
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palabras, palabras desplazadas y mutiladas, palabras de otros, fue la pobre limosna que le dejaron las horas y los siglos

We are nothing but others' words, spitted across hours and centuries, no longer plain words, just mutilated, displaced. The dictum that comes from el ciego poeta, could be taken in many ways. Spitted, mutilated, displaced, yet words: the universe of words, shared (even disdainfully) by everybody for everyone, our identity defined by a history made by words. Our identity shaped across our hours and years by shared words. Álvaro Mutis and Gabriel García Márquez changed between them full pages of words, stories and novels circulated back and forth. La muerte del estratega was to be taken over into El general en su laberinto. Their exemplary friendship shaped by their shared words.

Is there a friendship at first view, like love at first view, with the same load of enthusiasm and confidence, and total abandon toward the beloved one? Eliseo Alberto has something to say in this respect, hemos de creer en la amistad a primera vista si hemos de seguir en la esperanza del amor a primera vista, pero que una vez confirmada la epifanía de una amistad instantánea había que procurar con fidelidad y sosiego el abono constante de las palabras y las acciones que la nutren.

Thoughts that came to me from others' words, from an essay authored by Jorge F. Hernández in his page from El País (Cartas de Cuévano):


(Gabriel García Márquez)

(Álvaro Mutis)

(Jorge F. Hernández)

(Eliseo Alberto)

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