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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Albert Camus - The Madness of Sincerity

This is a great documentary and I watched it several times with the same pleasure. It recreates the epoch, the universe of those French intellectuals, living through the years before WWII, the Resistance, the years after the Liberation, then the Algerian War, their commitment to the values of the Left and then their political disillusions, among them the painful effort of Camus to remain faithful to himself, to find a sense beyond the absurd of history - and his painful effort to find a sense, a moral compass beyond the absurd of his sentimental life.The documentary operates with documents (photos and footage), with testimonies of persons who knew him intimately, the passing back and forth between documents and testimonies is smoothly done, each element has an active role in the cinematic structure (documents, also witnesses, also colors, also reenactments), and the result is a proposed portrait of Camus developed on three vectors: absurd, revolt, happiness - the realization of the absurdity of the world giving way to the revolt, the realization of the contradictions within the revolt giving way to the quest for happiness. A man like the heroes of his books, a life painfully lived in the impossible quest for a sense: la folie de la sincerité, the madness of sincerity.

(Albert Camus)

(Cinéma Français)



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