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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Mariana Rondón

Mariana Rondón
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Venezuelan visual artist and film director/screenwriter/producer.

A huge wave is about the destroy the city; almost everybody runs away; three remaining people (a skeptical and irresolute man, a passionless woman, and an apocalyptic girl) turn the city into a huge board game; you gain, it's love; you loose, it's the end of the world; why is Camus coming into mind? (A La Media Noche Y Media, 1999)

A girl narrates the story of her guerrilla parents - the narration turns quickly into a heroic saga - however the saga is incapable of eliminating the horrible truth - suspicion, treason, tortures, executions - the daily life in the guerrilla camp (Postales de Leningrado, 2007)

A nine year old boy is preoccupied to strengthen his afro-like hair (unconsciously trying to escape from his racial identity) - his mother sees in all this a sign  that the boy could be gay and is panicked - a movie about a violent and polarized society that appears as being only lightly racist and lightly homophobic; actually these issues are deeply rooted (Pelo Malo, 2014)

(Iberic and Iberic-American Cinema)



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