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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Albert and David Maysles

Albert (holding a camera), and David Maysles
photo shot in their studio, 1968
(John Sotomayor/The New York Times)
no copyright infringement intended

I had the privilege to meet once Albert Maysles. It was a party in his apartment in Chelsea, the large living room had become an incredibly tiny spot, crowded as it was  with young filmmakers, surrounding the old man with noisy joy. The air was hard to breath, imbued as it was with a formidable feeling of sympathy. Albert was a great documentarian, a seminal figure in the NY school of documentary. He was also a very nice man, very open, with a superb sense of empathy, and a genuine attitude in everything.

Albert Maysles in a recent photo
no copyright infringement intended

Albert Maysles passed away two days ago. An obituary was published in NYT:




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