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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Amateur Films by German Soldiers During World War 2

Catholic priests examine the ruins of their church
after the fighting ended
Coutances, France in July 1944
(source: History Place, WWII)
no copyright infringement intended

Winners are those who always write the history, and the defeated are those who always understand it. Here is a group of old Germans, who served in the Wehrmacht during WWII. They had the passion of filming, and went with their 8 mm cameras on the front. They watch now the footage, together with us, while meditating it. Chunks of reality, chunks of truth, this is to be found in any footage. They lost the war, and these chunks of truth get now for them the whole meaning: a horrible political regime that was possible because each of them simply lived there, in those times, and by living there they accepted it. And the horrible crime of starting a war that could not be won - and again, they simply participated in it, thus accepting it. And maybe that's what collective guilt means.

(German and Nordic Cinema)


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