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Monday, January 11, 2016

John Stobart at Principle Gallery: Wayne City Landing 1842

Wayne City Landing 1842
by John Stobart
oil on canvas
(source: Principle Gallery Newsletter)
no copyright infringement intended

On view at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA

Situated on the border of Missouri, Wayne City Landing was by the middle of the 19th century an important link in America's westward expansion. It served as a port to receive supplies for early pioneers, and also received travelers who were headed west along the Oregon, California and Santa Fe Trails. In 1850, the first railroad west of the Mississippi was constructed to join Wayne City and nearby Independence. And history went on: from the early 1890s to the 1930s, the area was home to a first-class pleasure resort, Fairmount Park. Among the park's attractions were a hotel, theater, lake, and carnival rides, including a roller coaster that at one time was the world's largest. A streetcar line brought visitors to the park from nearby Kansas City (info source: wiki). Wow! That reminds me the Glenn Echo Park on the border of Potomac near the Little Falls. It was not that big, but anyway. And I used to go there any given weekend.

So, many things happened in Wayne City along the years. Railroad, resort park with roller coaster, lake and hotel, streetcar! But in the image above it is still 1842, steamships on the river, tents on the shore.

(John Stobart)

(Principle Gallery)



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