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Monday, July 18, 2016

The NO Parties

(source: El Pais)
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As the tsunami caused by BREXIT reverberates all over the place, Orlando is followed by Dallas which is followed by Baton Rouge. Meanwhile Dhaka is followed by Nice which is followed by Ankara. Never a dull moment. We're beginning to think possibly WWIII to start over the night. You go to bed on Friday night and you think the world is as it is. You get up on Saturday morning in a totally different universe. ¡Hasta la vista, baby!

In order to keep cool and not get mad, maybe it's a good idea to read some analysis, as objective as it can be, and try to understand things. I found this analysis firstly in Spanish, then the original in English. It's about the European NO parties. The two authors, Susi Dennison and Dina Pardijs, work with the European Council on Foreign Relations. Not that I would agree with everything there. Firstly, many say that the extremes are touching each other, I reject this totally. Sometimes the two extremes can discover a joint interest and act together, however they remain distinct. Sometimes one of the extremes discovers a joint interest with some political force from the center, it's the same thing, they remain distinct. Thus I cannot agree with analyzing in block the extreme right and the extreme left, though both are NO parties.

Susi Dennison
Director of European Power programme, ECFR

Dina Pardijs
Programme coordinator, European Power, ECFR

(Zoon Politikon)


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