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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Andrew O'Hagan, Who's the Real Cunt?

Andrew O'Hagan
(image source: The Telegraph)
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It starts like one of those old stories, you know, long time ago, when the Norsemen were saying kunta, and the Danes said kunte (pretty close, ha?), and the word was not yet known in Albion. Then it came on the island, and in 1230 a street in Oxford was named Gropecunt Lane. People were using the word just matter of fact, only then it began to be used more and more in anger or in spite (Mexicans would say in such occasions pinche madre, or even pinche madre cabron). And the story of Andrew O'Hagan switches quickly to our present times when journalists are vary casual about cunting headlines, or about loads of cunts, sometimes showers of cunts (wow!), and generally  so many people cunt this or cunt that. Here is the story, published in the London Review of Books:

(Andrew O'Hagan)



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