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Thursday, May 25, 2006

From Rosner's Blog - Bush-Olmert meeting

Shmuel Rosner, Chief US Correspondent for Haaretz Bush needs time from Olmert and doesn't want him to rush to implementation of the plan.

Olmert, delicately, went with his host, promising to exhaust "every possibility" for negotiation. But you know what? We all know it's a game. Or, as Jerry Seinfeld would have called it, a show about nothing. I don't believe it, you don't believe it, Bush doesn't believe it. This is something to do with "the Europeans" - not with the Olmert plan. Of course, if a miracle occurs and a Palestinian partner is surprisingly discovered, everything can change. But saying "everything can change" in this region of the world is like saying sun is hot. Of course everything can change - and will change.

Bush, yet again, proved he can be much "bolder" than his own advisers. The message was the same we got from them for the past couple of weeks - whatever the tone. Well, the tone was Bush. Don't blame the officials and the advisers on their reluctance to be more adventurous. In this presidency it's pretty clear that the role of being cautious goes to them, and the kamikaze is the president.

(from Haaretz, May 25)


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