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Friday, July 07, 2006

Reading together with Fr. Kallistos - The Journey

Fiul Omului

Reading together with Father Kallistos: The Orthodox Way

The Church gives us not a system, but a key; not a plan of God's city, but the means of entering it.
(Father Florovsky)

One of the best known of the Desert Fathers of fourth century Egypt, St Sarapion the Sindonite, traveled once in pilgrimage to Rome. Here he was told of a celebrated recluse, a woman who lived always in a small room, never going out. Skeptical about her way of life - for he was himself a great wanderer - Sarapion called on her and asked: Why are you sitting here? To this she replied, I am not sitting, I am on a journey.

(Bishop Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Way, St. Vladimir Seminary Press, Crestwood, NY, 1999)

(Icon and Orthodoxy)


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