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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Story with the Vlog and the Anchor

Wesele Kozackie
(excerpt from the Pocket Dictionary of the Kossacks, under development)

There was a moment in time when Cossacks discovered the Horse, and they found out that at the beginning of the Universe the Horse had been created for them. Or was it the opposite? Did Horses at that moment in time discover the Cossacks, did they find out that at Big Bang the Cossacks had been created for them?
There was another moment in time when Kossacks discovered the Blog. Or was it the other way? Did the Blog discover the Kossacks? Filosofi certant, so leave them the dilemma.
Anyway, a blog was at the beginning only a blog, it means a web log, i.e. a web page where the blogger keeps web addresses of interest for her or for him. Then bloggers found out that a personal diary can be kept on the blog.
With Kossacks the blog became the underground journalism. And soon the underground became the alternative. Only look at Wonkette, or Daily Kos, or so many others, blogs that make Red Staters see Blue, blogs that make Blue Staters see Red, you'll realize that blogs are now the alternative journalism.
Kossacks discovered then that blogs can become more powerful if you add some gadgets to them. And they started to use weird words, moblogging, podcasting, and the like.
Vlog - it means video blog. Well, Vlog is alternative TV. Only any TV station needs an anchor. So Vlogs had to discover the Anchors and to find out that Anchors were created for them. Or was it the opposite? Did Anchors discover the Vlog and did they find out that Vlogs had been created for them? Look at this image:

Amanda Congdon
Amanda Congdon, the Rocketboom anchor, announced that she has quit. If you look attentively at the image, you'll see that the map is reversed - the left became right and the right became left! Those who watched the daily three-minute news that were presented by Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom will recognize her quirky style. Will the Rocketboom survive? The answer will solve the dilemma - we'll found out whether Anchor is for Vlog or Vlog is for Anchor. There is in today's WaPo an interesting article on this topic.


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