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Monday, May 21, 2007

Bill Richardson enters oficially the race

Bill Richardson
The buffalo from New Mexico joins the crowd for the White House. Bill Richardson did let us know officially his intentions (AHN). There are rock stars in the race, he said, but he is exactly in the exact place, which is moving up.
A man full of good sense and good humor, very effective everywhere he was sent, as US ambassador at the UN, as the head of the Department of Energy in DC, as the presidential envoy for all the tough negotiations in Baghdad (when Saddam was the ruler there) and Pyongyang, as Governor of New Mexico (re-elected this year).
Well, Hillary would be the first female president, Barack would be the first Black, what about Billy? You guessed it, he would be the first Latino president. Wow! His mother and his paternal grandmother were both Mexicans, and he speaks perfectly Spanish. Super Padrisima!
Mr. Richardson is the best representative of the Democratic Center, pragmatic, realist, flexible, the kind of a Democrat that New Yorkers give their vote only not to loose for a GOP guy.


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