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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is Right America Right?

In a few days there will be elections that will set up the new configuration of Congress. Will the right get what it hopes? Will the left keep the pace? Will it loose big?

Will it be the change radical? Will it be moderate?

And how will America change if the change is radical? Here is a movie (Right America Feeling Wronged - Some Voices From the Campaign Trail) that shows the mentality of a large part of the so-called Right America. The movie was released in 2009: Alexandra Pelossi (the daughter of Nancy) followed the company of Senator McCain, and filmed a documentary. Of course, the fact that Alexandra is the daughter of Nancy can make us presume some bias (to say the least). On the other hand, the movie seems very balanced and objective, which is the merit of director Alexandra Pelosi, who appears to be very professional. But we all know that a true professional can perfectly say with a balanced voice what she or he has to say.

Some reviewers objected that not all Republicans are the way the guys from the movie are. Which is true: those in the movie are activists, people who are very ardent partisans, with a very partisan way of thinking everything.

Anyway, watch this movie and then ask yourselves: how will be the change?

Right America: Part 1/5
(video by Nathanielc2)

Right America: Part 2/5
(video by Nathanielc2)

Right America: Part 3/5
(video by Nathanielc2)

Right America: Part 4/5
(video by Nathanielc2)

Right America: Part 5/5
(video by Nathanielc2)

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