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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taishogun Market in Kyoto Is Known as Yōkai Street

Yōkai range from the evil ogre to the mischievous fox, including the famous Yuki-onna, the snow woman sometimes dressed in a transparent kimono, many times nude, beautiful yet dangerous, a rusalka of the Nippon universe. So these yōkai are little demons liking to play with us humans, sometimes innocently, many times leading toward uncharted waters, as they are capricious and very jealous.

Well, it is in our hard-code this gene, to be very curious and ignore perils, and Yoko is certainly a courageous girl. No wonder she chose from the whole city of Kyoto exactly the Taishogun Market for her wanderings: that place is known as Yōkai Street! Let's join her, it's risky yet it's worth!

(The Thousand faces of HANAFUBUKI)



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