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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Corrina, Corrina

Ray Liotta is usually the gangster / crook / psycho (think Goodfellas and so). Here he is a very decent guy whose wife died. He takes care of his little girl, who reacts by staying mute.

Whoopi Goldberg can impersonate a voodoo priestess if she wants. Here she is Corrina, a wonderful housekeeper, who can make the little girl start enjoying life again, who can make Ray Liotta fall in love again, and who can fall herself in love like a teenager.

Plus it is the little girl, who is amazing. She is Tina Majorino.

Only Ray Liotta is white, and Whoopi Goldberg is black, and we are in the fifties, when people, black or white, know too well that a bird and a fish can fall in love, only there would be no nest for them.

The movie could have been dramatic. It is not. It is shy, which is good, because also the couple is shy, Ray Liotta and Whoopi Goldberg. Because love is shy, and beautiful.

Don Ameche in a supporting role. It was his last one.

Also Joan Cusack in a supporting role.

Corrina, Corrina, made in 1994.

You must see this movie. I found it on youTube. Embedding of the videos was disabled. Here are the links for the thirteen successive videos.



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