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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

They meet by pure chance in a train toward Vienna and decide on the spot to spend the rest of the day in the city of Johann Strauss. They fall in love, and they know very well that at sunrise he will have a plane to US, and she a train for Paris. He is Ethan Hawke, and she is Julie Delpy. That's the first movie (Before Sunrise, 1995).

It will take nine years till they meet again, unexpectedly,  in Paris this time. He has to leave at sunset. Many things have happened in nine years.  Is it possible a miracle?  What do you think? That's the second movie (Before Sunset, 2004)

Here's the first movie: I found it on youTube.


As for the second movie, what I found on youTube a just excerpts.

Before Sunset (2004) : Trailer
(video by Joe Green Tea)



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