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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Praying Knife

left and right views of an etched, engraved and gilded steel knife
ivory, brass and silver handle
unknown maker, Italy, 1500–50
Victoria and Albert Museum
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Knives with musical notes on the blade, known as notation knives, are extremely rare. This example is etched with notations expressing gratitude for a meal. The inscription on one side of the blade reads The blessing of the table. May the three-in-one bless that which we are about to eat. This would be sung before the meal was taken. On the other side the inscription gives thanks after the meal: The saying of grace. We give thanks to you God for your generosity. The point of the knife allowed meat to be skewered and offered to a diner or guest.
  • Blade A: Benedictio mensae, Tenor, Quae sumpturi sumus benedicat trinus et unus.
  • Blade B: Gratiarum actio, Tenor, Pro tuis deus beneficiis gratias agimus tibi.

(Old Masters)



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