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Thursday, April 04, 2013

La Plus que Lente (Debussy)

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Debussy was supposedly inspired for La plus que lente by a small sculpture, La Valse, that he kept on his mantelpiece. The title may be translated as The even slower waltz or, word-for-word, The more than slow. Despite its translation, La plus que lente was not meant to be played slowly; lente, in this context, refers to the valse lente genre that Debussy attempted to emulate. Typical of Debussy's caustic approach to naming his compositions, it represented his reaction to the vast influence of the slow waltz in France's social atmospheres. However, as Frank Howes noted, La plus que lente is, in Debussy's wryly humorous way, the valse lente [slow waltz] to outdo all others.

(Claude Debussy)



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