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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anthony Loyd

Anthony Loyd
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Anthony Loyd is an English war correspondent, currently working for The Times, the author of an astonishing book about his experiences in the Bosnia and Chechnya wars. You can read a good review of that book in  the Books section of NY Times: an article from 2004, with a title (Hooked in Bloodshed) that fits well with the war atmosphere that Loyd caught in a unique way. Well, I gave you the title of the review, but the book's: it's named My War Gone By, I Miss It So. I will talk more about it, for now just a few words: it's about war depravity and about war adrenaline. Nobody is perfectly innocent in a war, nor the perpetrators, the victims neither. Once you are there, you become part of it, and you get addicted. This is in two sentences, the book deserves much more. I hope soon i will have the opportunity to read his second book, Another Bloody Love Letter.

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