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Monday, April 21, 2014

Anti-Piketty (Robert J. Samuelson Speaking)

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Today a new op-ed questioning Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It's in Washington Post. This time the critics come from Robert J. Samuelson. The fact that two respected conservative columnists write about the book of Piketty, questioning its conclusions, is a clear sign that the book is actually very important and must be read.

The article of Mr. Samuelson begins with a tough question: Is Class Warfare Justified? It presents the book of Piketty, and its context and concludes that though the present concentration of income and wealth instinctively feels excessive, and it understandably stirs resentment, so we’d be better off if the rich were less so and other Americans were more so, however it’s doubtful that political action to force this transformation would be similarly beneficial, because class warfare would degrade the confidence needed for a stronger recovery.

So, Is Class Warfare Justified? My humble opinion: the book of Piketty is not about class warfare - it's about math.

Here is the article of Robert J. Samuelson:

(Thomas Piketty)



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