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Friday, April 18, 2014

Thomas Piketty

Thomas Piketty is a French economist who specializes in the study of economic inequality.

He was born in 1971 in Clichy into a family with strong leftist convictions (his parents were in the Lutte Ouvrière). At the age of 22 Piketty got his PhD with a thesis on the subject of wealth redistribution. After that he taught economics at MIT from 1993 to 1995, then he joined CNRS as a researcher, and in 2000 he became director of studies at EHESS.

Piketty created the Paris School of Economics and in 2006 he became its first head. He left this position (that supposed political neutrality) to join the French Socialist Party. Piketty remained Associate Chair at the economic school he had created. His Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a seminal work.

(Le Parnasse des Lettres)

(Zoon Politikon)



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