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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simon Rich: Guy Walks Into a Bar

(The New Yorker, November 18, 2013)
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So a guy walks into a bar one day

and he notices the pianist, a twelve inch little thing in tuxedo playing Chopin.When you are so damned small, there could be a  lot of nuisances, for instance your tolerance to alcohol is extremely low. There is also a genie in the men's room granting wishes, only a bit hard of hearing, which leads to other nuisances. The bartender has a PDD syndrome (I mean a penile dysmorphic disorder, you know what I mean), which makes his life a nightmare.

So the guy runs into the men’s room and, sure enough, there’s this genie. And the genie’s, like, “Your wish is my command.”

Once Simon Rich starts telling a story, he remains in firm control of his logic and everything else gets upside down. Read here the whole story:

(Simon Rich)



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