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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Roberto Wong

Roberto Wong
(La Informacion)
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Born in 1982 in Tampico, MX, graduated in Communications and works in marketing onLine. His first novel (Paris D.F.) came from an impulse he wasn't able to master, so he let himself loose and started writing: los momentos se pierden de forma irremediable, y escribir es una forma de retenerlos (the moments get lost irremediably, and writing is a way to keep them). So writing a novel became for him un ejercicio de posibilidades: love, live and suffering. And an exercise of living multiple lives (he says about Enrique Vila-Matas, me parece que condensa el espĂ­ritu del escritor de vivir y procesar muchas vidas).

For Paris D.F. he was awarded with the Premio Dos Passos a la primera novela.

(Una Vida Entre Libros)



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