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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Olegario Barrera

Olegario Barrera
(el Monstruo de un Millión de Cabezas)
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Movie director and writer born in 1947 in Spain (in the Canary Islands), living in Venezuela since childhood. His first movie, Pequeña Revancha (1984) got more than 30 awards, in Venezuela and abroad (Germany, France, Italy, Colombia, and Cuba). It was based on a story by Antonio Skármeta: a 12 years old boy has been asked to write an essay about What does your family do at nights; he lives in a right wing dictatorship regime in Venezuela that has begun eliminating Union leaders and leftist Venezuelans; while the story develops the boy deals with the first kiss experience, the dead of his dog and the fact that asking too many questions may be very dangerous (imdbuser). His next movie was Operación billete (1987): an old employee in the credit department of a large commercial bank finds serious financial irregularities implying his superiors; he starts a hard struggle to discover everything and to demonstrate the corruption (Film in het Nederlands). Fin de Round (1992) was based on a 1976 play by Rodolfo Santana: a boy leaves his village in Venezuela, and along with his sister and brother travels to the city trying to break through; there he discovers his talent for boxing and through it the opportunity to be someone (ViiozMoviesOnline). Una Abuela Virgen (2007) was also based on a play by Rodolfo Santana (Rock para una abuela Virgen, 1982): a grandmother who passed away nearly two decades ago returns to the world of the living as a twenty year old beauty who sends her granddaughter's life spiraling into chaos (Barnes and Noble). El Manzano Azul (2012): a young boy sets out on a vacation with his grandfather, and has a transformative experience while visiting a village surrounding a mysterious blue apple tree (Rotten Tomatoes).

(Iberic and Iberic-American Cinema)



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