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Thursday, January 21, 2016

William Morris Hunter

William Morris Hunter (1824-1879)
portrait by Helen Mary Knowlton
oil on canvas, 1880
Worcester Art Museum
(source: Facebook page of Bing McGilvray)
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Born in Vermont in one of the most distinguished families of New England, William Morris Hunter was the leading figure in Boston's art world of the mid 19th century. Educated in France, he entered there under the influence of Millet and absorbed the spirit of Barbizon. Back in America, he settled firstly at Newport in Rhode Island (where his brother, the preeminent architect Richard Morris Hunt, was living), then moved to Vermont, then far away in the Azores, and finally to Boston where he established an influential art school.

The above portrait was painted by Helen Mary Knowlton, a disciple of Hunter, and his main biographer.

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