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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Junot Díaz, Nueva York

(source: NY Daily News)
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Just a brief fragment from this story, it's fabulous:

"Certain nights, when I was restless and nothing was working out, I’d take the D over the Manhattan Bridge. As the train left the tunnel and began to cross the East River I’d step between the cars. This, for some reason, made me happy. It wasn’t really dangerous and the view it afforded of New York was beyond words. A city ablaze, suspended between black sky and river."

A very short story about his immigrant relationship to NYC. First appeared in New York Times Sunday Magazine, September 17, 2000.

Read the whole text here:

Junot Díaz: Many of the new arrivals trace their roots to one Dominican city, San José de Ocoa. Hazleton’s old shopping streets, nearly abandoned in the 1990s, are now lined with Dominican bakeries, barbershops, travel agencies and Mexican restaurants. The Italian restaurants are now run by Mexican families. The city has two Spanish radio stations and a television station that broadcasts six hours of local programming a day.

(Junot Díaz)



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