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Sunday, May 07, 2017

The French Runoff

(image source: Chiangrai Times)
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Mario Vargas Llosa: El nacionalismo y el populismo han acercado a Francia al abismo en los últimos años, pero hoy con la derrota del Frente Nacional puede comenzar la recuperación (El País)

Yanis Varoufakis: My disagreements with Macron are legion; but our points of agreement are also important. We agree that the eurozone is unsustainable, but disagree about what should be done before the EU can put political union on the table. We agree that the single-minded pursuit of competitiveness is turning Europe into a zero-sum, beggar-thy-neighbour game, but disagree about how to bring about the large-scale investment needed to improve productivity (The Guardian)

Paul Krugman: it’s fair to ask a couple of questions about what’s going on. First, how did things get to this point? Second, would a Le Pen defeat be anything more than a temporary reprieve from the ongoing European crisis? We should be terrified at the possibility of a Le Pen victory. But we should also be worried that a Macron victory will be taken by Brussels and Berlin to mean that Brexit was an aberration, that European voters can always be intimidated into going along with what their betters say is necessary (NY Times)

(Mario Vargas Llosa)

(Zoon Politikon)

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