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Friday, March 30, 2018

Land of Mine (Under Sandet)

Land of Mine (Under Sandet), 2015
(image source: Thinking Cinema)
no copyright infringement intended

At the end of the WWII, the German soldiers deployed in Denmark as occupation troupes became war prisoners and were used to clear the enormous  number of land mines from the Baltic littoral. Did it count that so many of them were just teenagers, anonymous pieces in the game of the others? If they had been old  enough to go to war, they should be old enough to clean up, so was the common wisdom. Nobody was willing to go beyond and see the elephant in the room: these teenagers had been just victims, nothing more, and from the very beginning.

I came on this movie by pure chance, browsing the TV channels. It was already in the middle. I remained on it for five or ten minutes, then I passed on my laptop, and found the film on youTube. A powerful story, told in great simplicity. Here it is:

(German and Nordic Cinema)


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