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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Morning in India

Thomas L. FriedmanTom Friedman has an excellent op-ed in today's NY Times. Next week, President Obama will come to India in a long visit. It is time for reflection, about the future of Europe (see the student manifestations in France against economic realities), of China, of India, of America. About the choice to make, about the strategy to follow. About the future of the whole world, which is becoming, as Tom Friedman keeps on teaching us, increasingly flat: what happens in America (or in France) has effects all over the world, as it is intertwined with what happens in China, in Brazil, in India, in Malaysia. Fighting on the streets to keep the 35 hours week is suicidal, because in India the business is built on 35 hours per day. Gaining the votes in America by fighting stem cell research is suicidal, because China has made the genetic industry a strategic priority.

Here is the op-ed of Tom Friedman:

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