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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Broken Meat now on Vimeo

I already talked about Broken Meat, the movie directed by Pola Rapaport and cinematographed by Wolfgang Held. I was saying, a beat poet, Alan Granville, as iconoclastic as New York is, as crazy, as miserable, as superb; wrapping the same way his misery in a plethora of words, in a myth built to seduce and to leave you puzzled.

Now the movie was published also on Vimeo, which makes it much easier to watch; first of all it is only one video, of 49 minutes.

And so I watched it again. It calls in mind Geography of the Body a seven minute short made in 1943 by the famous (sometimes infamous) couple of Willard Maas and Marie Menken: the same determined minutia in exploring the human flesh (here extended to the whole, encompassing body and soul, in all misery), in counterpoint with the same cri de guerre, cynical and pathetic (here the voice of Granville himself, hey, here I am, look at me, don't fake with me and don't pretend your bullshit any more, I am the holly one!) I would add here something that seem to be very Pola Rapaport style, treating the whole in tones of black comedy, also her passion in making the film a masterful edit, which is amazing: the scenes of the movie follow the chaotic mind of the poet in some kind of a devilish dance!

Add to this the image of DP Wolfgang Held: he got the real poetry of this New York to be hated and loved altogether. A New York resembling the poetry of Alan Granville, founding the holiness in its miserable failure.

(Pola Rapaport)

(Wolfgang Held)

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