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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Paul Verlaine

The book is in my home library, in a Romanian translation (Inchisorile Mele). It belonged to my uncle who passed away in 1944, when my mother was pregnant with me. At birth I was given his name, Pierre. One of the links between us is this home library, full of books gathered by him. I was fifteen or sixteen when I started reading Verlaine's Mes Prisons. I didn't finish it, I was thinking to read firstly his poetry. I was then tempted by other authors. so I have never read enough of his verses. I think it's time now to revive the project of my early years.

Une soirée chez Paul Verlaine à l'hôtel meublé de l'impasse Royer-Collard en 1889
dessin de Paul Verlaine (created in 1889, published in 1896, Feb 15, in La Plume)

(Le Parnasse des Lettres)



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