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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pierre Sioufi

Pietro, amico impareggiabile

No whore is wholly, and no war is holy and vice versa, says Pierre Sioufi, who is a personification of the eclectic spirit of Tahrir (Roger Cohen): a Christian with images of the crucifixion hanging on the walls and a sign of Allah at the entrance (add to this the image of an Asian deity in his Facebook page), with books the kind of Richard DawkinsThe God Delusion lying around. The great Arab uprising is about bringing debate out of the mosque and into the public sphere (Roger Cohen).

Roger Cohen talks about Pierre Sioufi in his op-ed in today's NY Times:

Interesting: Pierre Sioufi keeps (very loosely) a blog (http://kikhote.blogspot.com) whose name suggests the great dreamer imagined by Cervantes. It was this way that all started in Tahrir.

I would add to this what Pierre Sioufi wrote on Facebook this morning, we all used to claim that the kids were just spoiled brats who had no ideas of their own and we were wrong; please stop believing all what was said about the Egyptian people, please open your eyes and see that all this was just because of the lack of basic freedoms and the brain washing by both the medias and their ministries and the NDP and their power base.

(Zoon Politikon)

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