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Monday, February 20, 2012


Monument of Majakovsky in Moscow
Цветное фото: И. Шагина, ИЗОГИЗ
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Each city has some special places, known only to those who have read many books about that city, those who knew what to observe in the movies about, those who have heard many stories about.

Moscow does not have too much to say to foreigners - except Kremlin and Red Square, there are large boulevards and large side streets; however it has its charms, for the happy few. If you go on the Vorobiov Hills, in front of Lomonosov University, you can see the whole panorama of the city. If you have read Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, you'll know that here was the ultimate place for the two lovers, before being taken to eternity (but then you'd know also where the Partiarshy Prudy is to be found). There is a church there, one of the few not closed by the Soviet regime: once Kutuzov prayed in that church, in the eve of Borodino. Students come now in the church to light candles in the eve of exams (everybody stops being an agnostic and starts praying, provided dogs are barking around, or other stuff like that).

And many have visited the Kremlin. Few of them know in what church inside there are icons painted by Rublev.

There are some other charms in Moscow, too. Students gather sometimes in front of the statue 0f Pushkin, or in front of Majakovsky.

As Russians say, каждый москвич - патриот своего города (while the same is true for any other city in any other country).

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