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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Visit to Mount Vernon

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If you look at the picture, there is the manor, okay , there is also a small roofed deck on the border of Potomac. That is the place where boats come and go.

I was there once. There was a small boat that was leaving Alexandria each morning very early and was coming back in the afternoon. So I woke up very, very early that day and I went to Alexandria to take the boat. As soon as the boat departed a formidable rain started, but that was okay, the deck of the boat had a roof all over it, so being on the Potomac under heavy rain was actually delicious. The captain was an old guy with white beard and had a bag full of jokes. As we were passing near all sort of beautiful manors, he had a funny story for each one. For me, they all called in mind a beautiful movie, Wedding Crashers. Arrived at Mt. Vernon I visited all the things there, including of course the manor. I had a huge umbrella, so the rain couldn't do me any harm. I went then to a restaurant there and I had a fish soup I think and a glass of wine (that was red, I remember the color of any glass of wine that I sipped throughout my life). A young lady was sitting near me at the bar and I asked her about the teeth of George Washington, as I knew a story about them. Then I took the boat and went back to Alexandria. These were fine times!

(Washington, District of Columbia)


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