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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lost Tribe of Eric Kamen

Were I to see only this 2 minutes movie from all movies created by the couple Rapaport/Held, I would know all about their movie universe.

Urban Flamenco. He plays the guitar. They dance, each one in her own world. Four dancers, four worlds in counterpoint, creating the paradox of unity in contrasts. And this unity of dance, against the sound of the guitar. The guitarist and the sound, minimalism at its best, superbly restrained to itself. The girls forcing the sound to let itself tell the tale - and the guy with his guitar, keeping the tale within itself. Dance and guitar flowing together, never attaining one another. The mystery of the lost tribe confined there.

He is Eric Kamen. They are Holly Googe, Pearrie Hammie, Shakiver Gordon, Cecile Klaus.

And the eye of cinematographer Wolfgang Held, together with the knowledge of cinematic rhythm of director Pola Rapaport, creating an incredible gem: two minutes concentrating the essential about Urban Flamenco. Nothing more needs to be said.

(Pola Rapaport)

(Wolfgang Held)

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