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Monday, August 04, 2014

Lyudmila Gurchenko in Waiting for Gavrilov

She is 39, divorced, with a daughter in high school. A mysterious Gavrilov has sent her the a note, wait for me tomorrow at ten in front of the city office, I will come to marry you.

She comes to the city office, to wait for the guy. The guy is not there. One hour passes, then another hour, the one more, then a day and a night. Moments of hope and of despair are following in a crazy succession, meanwhile life goes on around in Odessa, and  there are some admirers who would be interested in her, but she still hopes. Is waiting for Gavrilov like waiting for Godot? Maybe, but there is something there: while she is hopeful and is desperate, and hopeful and desperate, she still has the empathy for what's around, for all those guys who happen to pass by, with their problems, big and small, serious and ridiculous, and she is in, in each of those moments that happen around her, while she is still waiting, loosing her faith, getting it again.

And Gavrilov comes in the very end, he spent the day and night at the police station, seemingly it was a mistake, just the wrong guy at the wrong moment... but he is now there in front of her, and the day is beautiful again.

She is Lyudmila Gurchenko, like always larger than life.

Just a few words about director Pyotr Todorovsky. His approach in observing the everyday calls in mind the movies of Berlanga.

(Russian and Soviet Cinema)

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