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Saturday, September 06, 2014

There Is a New F-Word in Town

(image: Martina Flor for the Washington Post)
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So, there is a new f-word in town, I mean inside the beltway, used by all political guys across the whole spectrum, regardless of any gender, political, or religious affiliation. This is frank (variants: frankly, to be frank, in all frankness). It is used in press conferences and similar occasions: when the political guy doesn't find more arguments in supporting his position, he signals that by using the new f-word. For instance, you're asking me what is my plan? Well, we have all options and we are ready for this, and frankly, you shouldn't worry. Actually frank is a way to announce that all your discourse had no meaning at all and the blah-blah will go on. President Obama sometimes replaces the f-word with the c-word: let me be clear. (signalling this way that he never was clear). The good news is that the new f-word reached bipartisanship (maybe it's the only bipartisan thing in DC): President Obama uses it, Speaker Boehner uses it, Senator McCain uses it, also Ms. Clinton, also Senator Ted Cruz. As I said, it's consensual. You should read this:

(Zoon Politikon)


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