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Friday, October 24, 2014

La Dictadura Perfecta

La Dictadura Perfecta, 2014
(animal politico)
no copyright infringement intended

Corruption across the whole political spectrum, incompetence, crisis, manipulation through television, presidential elections as a farce, perverted relation between power-opposition-oligarchs-media-mafia. Hey guys, ring a bell? It's the new-new movie of Luis Estrada (starring his long time collaborator Damián Alcázar). Seemingly they announced that were the movie to be censored, it would be distributed for free on the web.

La Dictadura Perfecta, 2014
no copyright infringement intended

The title, La Dictadura Perfecta (The Perfect Dictatorship), is paraphrasing Mario Vargas Llosa (la dictadura perfecta que era México con el Partido Revolucionario Institucional en el poder como lo dijo hace 20 años, ahora es una democracia imperfecta - quoted in La Jornada). Well, for the movie authors, it still remains the perfect dictatorship, even with the alternation of parties to power.

La Dictadura Perfecta, 2014
no copyright infringement intended

The plot: a scandalous story involving a governor is disclosed; the governor pays big to clean his image (big means billion); a dirty media campaign will follow, to change the public perception, and as the presidential elections are approaching, to make him the ideal presidential candidate; meanwhile it's good to cultivate the PR; thus an ambassador is assured that they can do all jobs needed, even those that really suck, even those refused by [incorrect term here, definitely a no-no]; the ambassador is visibly uncomfortable; using the N-word is such anti-PC!

La Dictadura Perfecta, 2014 (trailer)
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(Luis Estrada)



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