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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Three Golden Rules for the Media

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Tres grandes reglas: la teoría del marciano; soltar lastre; y no dejar cabos sueltos.

The three gold rules of writing a good column: 1. the Martian theory; 2. drop the ballast; 3. don't leave issues in limbo.

  1. if a Martian comes to Earth and knows your language and history but your recent events, he should understand your column; so if you talk about the president of your country, say at least once President X, then you can go on with Mr. X (or The President), as the Martian is already informed;
  2. don't repeat the whole blah-blah in the column; so if you said once President X, our great leader and chairman (or President X, the great deceiver, or whatever else) it's enough; you should go on simply with Mr. X, or The President (whichever comes first)
  3. if you say President X is a 6% guy, you should make clear what these 6 percent mean; they can be confidence or lack of confidence, whatever

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