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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brokeback Mountain, How It All Began

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... so I was in one of the state's most delightful bars where big men meet and share there one night and some guys for playing pool and I noticed that leaning against the wall was this old guy who was an old cowboy with its scuffed up boots and its stained hat, obviously still working at the trade and he was looking at the guys playing pool with an expression that was different: very unusual expression; it was kind of longing and sad and odd, and I couldn't quite figure it out, and then after a while I began to wonder if maybe he was gay, and then I thought, well, what would it be like to be in his mid-sixties or so, I said, what would it be like to be an old cowboy who was gay and who lived in a place where to be gay was asking to be really seriously hurt, so I began thinking about it and I thought about it for months and months and months and months and as I thought about it the story began to take some shape and so I wrote it ...

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