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Sunday, February 07, 2016


Marcus Valerius Martialis
(source: wikimedia)
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Born in Hispania Tarraconensis sometime between 38 and 41, settled in Rome by 64, he began publishing in 86 the twelve books of epigrams that would cement his place of honor in the pantheon of Latin culture. In 98 he returned to his native places to spend there the rest of his life, now and then coming back in the capital of the Empire (as the Roman charm continued to keep on the poet its formidable spell). After all, which was his natural space? While in Rome he was dripping in his verses glimpses of his early years spent in the Hispanic province, while in Hispania Tarraconensis he was missing Rome dearly. Maybe the answer is that human nature is never unidimensional.

Martial passed away sometime between 102 and 104.




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