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Friday, April 08, 2016

Beggars and Christ

Universo de Riso
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Mendigos são pessoas que moram em ruas, em frente aos bancos, em viadutos e qualquer lugar escroto que você encontrar. Você tá passando na rua e vê uma pessoa suja no chão, você já pensa ´´mendigo``. Passando pelo Centro, eu vi um mendigo pedindo dinheiro. Logo depois ele foi para um semáforo ali perto e continuou! Caramba! Vai trabalhar vagabundo! Seja gari ou vendedor de feira, mas mendigo! Tenho mais coisa para reclamar, mas tenho mais coisas a fazer. Adeus!

It happens to me quite often to be stopped on the street by all kind of beggars. They always start by asking for a very small amount of money just to buy a loaf of bread or something. Try to offer them bread instead of money and you'll see what happens. Try to give them attention and you'll see that the small amount of money was just the beginning. Frankly I almost never stop to give them money, as I keep in mind several situations when I was cheated  big. But sometimes I think what would Christ have done. You see, beyond drugs, booze, cheating, and all of the like, these beggars are losers. And God loves losers. And I wonder if  we, all the others, are not losers, too - in our case just by the fact that we think we're superior to them. So, what to do? I always postpone the answer. It's hard to be God.

(A Life in Books)


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