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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Alan Lightman

Alan Lightman
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physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur, born in 1948 in Tennessee; currently resides in greater Boston area; as a physicist has contributions in the astrophysics of black holes and the behavior of mass and radiation under extreme temperatures and densities; as a writer has authored essays and short novels (also theatrical adaptations) on science and the mind of science, and about conundrums that happen when science and humanities collide (for Romanian readers my age, think Edmond Nicolau); throughout the years taught at Harvard and MIT (being the first professor at MIT to receive a joint appointment in science and the humanities); together with playwright Alan Brody launched a monthly salon of scientists and theater artists in 2002; the salon ran for ten years, focusing on the culture of science; I've read his Accidental Universe (that I would like to discuss here) and I would start one of these days his Einstein's Dreams (I had ordered the book on Amazon a couple of weeks ago; today I went to the postal office to take the package, after staying in a long line); Alan Lightman has also some theatrical adaptations staged at Central Square Theater in Cambridge; if I go this year in a vacation there I would like to attend a performance.
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