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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Uno castudiao

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Pierre: Recently a lot of Spanish jokes end with "uno castudiao" For instance, "¿Papí, dónde come el hombre? +Del bar - -¿ Y lo del mono? +Noooo, del anís. -¡ Que lilo eres papí? + Nooo, uno castudiao. " I can give you also other jokes like that, all of them are based on puns, and end with "uno castudiao".
Patrick (| Unofficial St. Lucian Creole Course | Peruvian | Creole Languages Lover | Table-Tennis Player | Learning since 26/10/16): I haven't heard something like that in my live, and I'm a native Spanish speaker from Lima, Perú. Those jokes have no sense for me.
Mark985145: It looks like a funny way of writing "uno que ha estudiado", meaning "someone well-read"... I might be wrong, though.
AntonnioVaez (Recommended apps: LINGBE, QUIZLET, MondlyKids; English / Spanish, level 24, German, level 22): You are right.
kmpala (Spanish / English, level 25): That's interesting, a Google search brings up many hits, mostly joke-related, but there is no direct translation anywhere.
Pierre: Thank you all very much!

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