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Monday, October 29, 2018

Ramadan Night in Cairo

Cairo Coffee Shop on a Ramadan Night
(image source: Washington Post)
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Ramadan has a tendency to bend space and time. For those participating in the fast, especially in the summer, the daytime hours crawl by like a snail on tranquilizers, while daily routines are like running a marathon through a desert of thirst. In contrast, nights are transformed into veritable days, with cafés and restaurants bursting at the seams late into the night, especially in my hometown of Cairo.
(source: Jerusalem Post)

Splendid words, written by an author I wish to know more on him, Khaled Diab. I dream being there, on a Cairo street, busy with cafés and stores and small restaurants, on one of these holy nights of joy and frenzy after a whole day of fast.




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